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Laboratory Sink 19.5L

Laboratory Sink 19.5L


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The MAS Stainless Steel Lab Sink, with its 19.5 litre capacity, is a practical choice for various laboratory environments. This sink is made from 316-grade stainless steel, known for its strength and non-porous quality. This means it's great for handling chemicals – they can be washed away without staining or damaging the sink.

This sink is built to resist chemicals and acids, making it a solid option for labs in medical, scientific, industrial, or commercial settings where such substances are commonly used. It's designed to stand up to tough lab conditions without showing wear and tear.

The sink features a raised edge, which helps keep spills contained and makes cleanup easier. Also, the corners of the sink are rounded, which looks neat and makes it easier to reach and clean every part of the sink.

Material Thickness:  1.2mm.
Mounting:  Inset into benchtop.
Outlet Size:  50mm.
Cut Out Size:  360 x 360mm.

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