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Tundish Counter Top

Tundish Counter Top


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The MAS Countertop Tundish stands out for its functionality and sleek design, crafted from chrome-plated brass with a stylish tapered shape. This essential device is designed to prevent pressurization of the heater storage vessel under any conditions, ensuring safety and reliability in commercial settings. Its polished finish complements coffee machines, commercial kitchen setups, and boiler units, making it a perfect fit for cafes, hospitality venues, restaurants, and similar environments.

  • Mounting Method: Designed for easy through-counter installation, with a back nut for secure fitting.
  • Inlet Size: Features a generous 48mm diameter inlet, accommodating a wide range of applications.
  • Outlet Size: Equipped with a 20mm BSP male thread outlet, ensuring compatibility with standard plumbing requirements.

This countertop tundish enhances safety by preventing unwanted pressurization and adds a touch of elegance to any commercial space with its polished appearance.

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