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Sound Deadener Self Adhesive Roll

Sound Deadener Self Adhesive Roll


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The MAS Sound Deadener Self-Adhesive Roll is your solution to a quieter kitchen environment. This innovative product is designed to significantly reduce noise and water reverberation, making your sink usage a more pleasant experience.

This sound-deadening roll can be effortlessly moulded, cut, and applied to virtually any metal surface. Its self-adhesive nature ensures a hassle-free application, making it a perfect match for the underside of your stainless steel sink bowl. With just a simple application, you can enjoy a noticeably quieter kitchen.

The roll is conveniently sized at 2500mm x 500mm x 1.6mm, making it easy to cut to the exact size you need for your project. Whether upgrading your home kitchen or outfitting a professional space, this sound-deadener provides the flexibility to fit a wide range of sink sizes and shapes.

Suitable for use with our hand-fabricated sink bowls, this sound deadener is compatible with:
- 1.2mm 304-grade Hand Fabricated Bowls
- 2mm 304-grade Hand Fabricated Bowls
- 316-grade Hand Fabricated Bowls

Enhance your kitchen with the MAS Sound Deadener Self-Adhesive Roll. It's an essential addition for anyone looking to minimize noise and improve the functionality of their hand-fabricated sink bowls. Experience the difference in sound and quality with this easy-to-use, effective solution.
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