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Hands Free Knee Operated Basin - No Temp & No Time

Hands Free Knee Operated Basin - No Temp & No Time


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The MAS Hands-Free Knee-Operated Stainless Steel Basin is a cutting-edge solution tailored for businesses where hygiene is paramount. This model features a non-time-flow valve, delivering water flow that is entirely controlled by user interaction. Water is dispensed when the larger front panel is activated by the knee, ensuring a hands-free experience that enhances cleanliness and minimizes the spread of germs. As soon as the knee is removed from the panel, the water flow stops immediately, conserving water and reducing waste.

A notable aspect of this basin is its lack of a temperature mixing valve, meaning it is designed for cold-water applications only. This feature simplifies the design and use of the basin, making it an ideal choice for settings where cold water is sufficient and preferred for handwashing or quick rinses.

The basin's design is not just functional but also prioritizes user comfort and accessibility. The larger front panel facilitates easier operation, especially in high-traffic environments or for users with limited mobility.

Constructed from durable stainless steel, the basin is not only robust but also easy to clean, further supporting hygienic practices. Additionally, it is equipped with Wels approved fittings and hardware, ensuring compliance with water efficiency and quality standards.

Material : 304 grade stainless steel.
Measuring: 420 x 267 x 155 deep.
Capacity: 13 Litres.

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