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Floor Waste Arrestor 150mm Round - Vinyl Floor

Floor Waste Arrestor 150mm Round - Vinyl Floor


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The MAS 150mm Round Vinyl Floor Waste Arrestor is made from heavy-duty stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity. It includes a lift-out basket and a full-height secondary strainer, enhancing its functionality and efficiency in trapping debris. Installed at specific collection points within the flooring, this arrestor plays a vital role in removing wash water and other liquid wastes, facilitating their transport through pipes or ditches for proper disposal. This floor waste arrestor is specifically designed for commercial and industrial environments, where meeting the highest standards of hygiene, safety, and performance is crucial for maintaining a clean and safe workspace.

Size: 150mm Vinyl floor waste.
Commercial round vinyl floor grate.
Material: 304 grade stainless steel.
Suits: 100mm DWV or 110 HDPE.

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