Black Coated Brass Tile Insert Point Drain

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Looking for a timeless colour for your bathroom that won’t go out of style? Our matte black tile insert point drain is the answer. Solid brass with a matte black coating, this floor waste is ideal for modern as well as classic bathrooms with contemporary fixtures.

Loved by interior designers as it gives a warmer, softer look than shiny metals. And makes a statement without being overbearing.

When installed with your floor tile, this matte black bathroom drain will be a stunning addition to your project.


Learn more about the black coated brass tile insert point drain:

  • Solid brass – rust & corrosion resistant.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Seamless look ideal for domestic and commercial projects.
  • The ultimate in luxury.
  • Made in Australia and Watermark approved


Width:  115mm

Depth:  23mm

Outlet size:  90mm

Composition:  Solid brass with black coating

Product code:  G2G-BB

Technical drawings of a solid brass floor waste point drain

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