Slimline UPVC WHITE Point Drain with Wedge Wire Grate

The cost effective, modern solution to bathroom floor waste

A premium cost-effective solution to bathroom floor waste. Our slimline UPVC point drains consist of a UPVC base with a stainless steel grate.

You'll love our slimline UPVC point drains, and here's why

This point drain has a cost effective UPVC base, topped with a stainless steel wedge wire grate. Our wedge wire grate is one of the most popular in our range. It gives a clean linear look to your bathroom drainage.

This slimline drain is only 11mm deep giving you the freedom to work with a thin tile or floor covering. The grate is removable for easy cleaning.


Learn more about the slimline point drain:

  • Corrosion resistant and easy to maintain
  • Solid colour
  • Slimline 11mm depth


Width:  117mm x 117mm

Depth:  11mm

Outlet size:  90mm

Material:  UPVC base, stainless steel grate

Product Code:  G2G-11W

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