UPVC Modular Kits

Our UPVC modular kits are an easy do-it-yourself bathroom drainage system, pre-packaged in kit form. The kits contain everything you need to make up a shower grate and channel for your bathroom project.

Our Grates 2 Go Modular system has been fully tested and achieved the WaterMark standard for the Plumbing code of Australia.

When longer installations are required, we have a base channel joiner that, once sealed, holds multiple channels together. Corners also aren’t a problem. Our modular range includes a one-piece 90 degree corner section that joins to the base channel. So a 10-20 metre drainage run could be a pick-up from store and installed that day.


The brick pattern modular kit is a lighter more structured look with an easy do-it-yourself system.

Our flow pattern modular kit is a soothing flowing design with an easy do-it-yourself system.

Our tile insert is the most popular drainage solution we provide with its discreet lines and almost invisible look.


An easy do-it-yourself system with a clean lineal look to your bathroom or outdoor area.