UPVC Tile Insert Modular Kit

Do it yourself drainage

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Our modular kits are an easy do-it-yourself drainage system. The kit contains everything you need to make up a shower grate and channel for your bathroom project.

A tile insert drain is exactly as the name suggests. The floor tile is installed directly into the channel and gives your drain a seamless look. Our standard depth insert tray suits any tile up to 10mm deep plus adhesive.

Our contemporary linear shower grate and channel is available in an easy do-it-yourself modular kit. Our Tile Insert Modular UPVC kits are designed to be cut down and installed onsite by a qualified installer. They are supplied with everything in the kit that you require to make up a grate and channel to a maximum length of 1250mm.

The kit contains:

• UPVC Tile Insert Channel
• UPVC Base Channel
• UPVC Insert Channel End Caps
• UPVC Base Channel End Caps
• UPVC Outlets (43mm, 70mm, & 83mm)
• 3 x Holesaws
• Silicon

Please note you will require additional silicon or other adhesive to fix your chosen tile into the insert tray.

Tile not included.


  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications
  • Quick and easy to install
  • UV rated
  • WaterMark certified
  • 10 year product guarantee


Width:  100mm

Depth:  25mm

Length:  1250mm

Outlet sizes:  43mm  |  70mm  |  83mm

Composition: UPVC

Colours:  Black | Grey

Product Codes: G2GAM1250-TI-B, G2GAM1250-TI-G