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Stainless Steel Flow Pattern Grate and Channel Drain

Stainless Steel Flow Pattern Grate and Channel Drain

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Our flow pattern stainless steel drainage breaks down the straight lines and adds a soothing, flowing look to your project. It’s an excellent choice for both bathrooms and outdoor drainage grates. Minimal style is the look everyone is chasing in bathroom design and the flow pattern grate doesn’t disappoint.

The straight lines intercepted by a flowing break is gentle on the eye whilst maintaining a strong architectural appearance. This grate and channel combination is ideal for a range of projects including bathrooms, laundry, public amenities, balconies and outdoor entertaining areas. Its superior corrosion resistance and sleek finish make this flow pattern grate and channel a practical and stylish solution.

This floor drain consists of a channel and removable grate made from 316 grade stainless steel. 


Width: Your choice of 75mm or 100mm

Length:  Your choice of 900mm, 1000mm or 1200mm

Depth:  25mm

Outlet Size:  The 75mm wide drain has a 63mm outlet. The 100mm wide drain has an 85mm outlet.

Outlet Position:  Centre

Stainless Steel Grade:  316

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  • Made in Australia

    This product is proudly made in Australia at our Hawkesbury manufacturing facility.

  • WaterMark Certified

    The Grates 2 Go Stainless Steel Grate and Channel products have been fully tested and achieved the WaterMark standard for the Plumbing Code of Australia.

  • Ten Year Guarantee

    We guarantee the workmanship of our grate and channel drains for ten (10) years, so you can buy with confidence.

Looking for something in a different size?

We can custom make a drain to your required size.

Our stainless steel grate and channel drainage is made by hand in Australia. Because you are buying directly from the manufacturers, we are able to make a bespoke drain for you, to meet your unique configuration and sizing.

If you're looking for a length up to 3m in the standard widths of either 75mm or 100mm, then you can order your made to measure drain online.

If your order is a little more complicated than that, then please contact us and we'll work together to build you a drain that's the perfect fit.

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