UPVC Modular 83mm Spigot

Individual Parts To Build Modular Drainage Systems

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Our modular drain kits allow you to position the outlet of your choice exactly where you need it to be. Choose from this 83mm spigot or 70mm and 43mm are also available.

This spigot is used as an additional piece to any of the UPVC modular kits or as a single element to build your own drain. Team this channel with a base channel, base channel end cap, and grate of your choice for a completely custom drain. 


  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications
  • Quick and easy to install
  • UV rated
  • WaterMark certified
  • 10 year product guarantee


Diameter:  70mm (outside diameter)

Composition: UPVC

Colours:  Black | Grey

Product Codes: G2GA83SB, G2GA83SG