Made to Measure Stainless Grate & Channel

A lighter more structured look with the brick pattern grate that gives a traditional feel in all bathroom installations.

This centreline grate gives a structured look while maintaining a traditional feel in all bathroom installations.

The flow pattern creates a soothing flowing look that breaks down the straight lines for a modern finish.

Our wedge wire grating option gives a clean lineal look to your bathroom or outdoor area.

Our tile insert is the most popular drainage solution we provide with its discreet lines and almost invisible look.

The heavy duty option of grating is the only solution for driveways, car parks and other high traffic areas.

Cast Stainless Steel with a mirror polish finish on the visible edge giving you a life time of that polished stainless steel look.

Doorsills can be drained whilst keeping the inside and outside surfaces on the same level. 

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