Brushed Gold Tile Insert Drain

For an ultra-modern and luxe interior you can’t go past our new brushed gold drainage. Loved by interior designers as it gives a warm, softer look with a subtle matte gold surface. And makes a statement whilst staying minimal. The perfect accompaniment to modern bathrooms as well as classic bathrooms with contemporary fixtures. 

You'll love our brushed gold tile insert drain, and here's why

A tile insert gives your project an almost invisible floor waste solution. This drainage is custom made using 316 grade stainless steel with an electrostatic gold coating. The floor tile is installed in the drain tray for a completely flawless finish. 
Our standard depth insert tray suits any tile up to 12mm deep plus adhesive. The standard channel width is 75mm or 100mm, with a depth of 25mm. With the channel length and outlet position made to your requirements. If you would like something bespoke, we can custom make all aspects to your specifications.
We manufacture in Sydney to Watermark approved standards. This means we offer a short lead time and ten year product guarantee.


Learn more about the brushed gold tile insert drain:

  • Custom made from 316 grade stainless steel.
  • Strong, durable and corrosion resistant.
  • Subtle matte gold surface that gently reflects the light.
  • Made in Australia and Watermark approved


Width:  75mm | 100mm

Depth:  25mm

Length:  custom made to your requirements

Outlet sizes:  44mm | 51mm | 63mm | 76mm | 85mm

Outlet position:  custom made to your requirements

Material: 316 grade stainless steel with Electrostatic coating

Product Codes:  G2GTI100BG,  G2GTI75BG

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